Maintenance- Less is More

We are here to bring you some good news: ignore your landscape, and it will grow better and look better and be better for the environment. This is especially true

High Performance Landscapes: Back to Nature

We’ve been giving a lot of thought recently to the subject of our rapidly changing climate and the related crisis of the 6th mass extinction. As the scale of the

A Drought Tolerant Butterfly Garden for the Pacific Northwest

Two things that have been on our minds this August are drought and butterflies (and smoke and fires of course.) In my own garden, plants that have always seemed invincible

The Winter Hummingbird Garden

A winter visit from a hummingbird is a rare treat that seems impossible and magical. Yet in fact Anna’s hummingbirds have become common winter residents in the Pacific Northwest. What

Weeds to Love

The process of planning and managing your garden for maximum benefit to yourself and the planet can sometimes start to feel overwhelming. I want my yard and garden to be beautiful, productive, low maintenance, low water use, and full of habitat value and other ecological benefit. Even though this is my chosen obsession, even I can get a little overwhelmed by finding the combination of plants and locations that accomplish everything i’m going for.

Drought Tolerant Annual Crops?

At my house, my general rule for irrigation and choosing plants is: if it gives me food, i’ll water it. Otherwise, tough luck. However, it always seems like an extra awesome bonus when there is a plant that will give me food AND I don’t have to water it.