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(and front yard and side yard) Whether its growing food, watching for wildlife, or relaxing in the sun, let’s create a space that works for nature and for you – a landscape that gives more than it takes.

Our goal for you is to have a joyful, productive, and engaged relationship with your personal bit of the out of doors, and have it function for you as well as your kitchen or living room. If you want to grow food in your space, we can help you evaluate the best places in your yard to do that, and let you know if there are any particular opportunities or constraints related to your site. If you want chickens or other livestock, we can help you work them in. If you simply want a peaceful space to entertain friends or commune with nature, we can help with that too.

Our planting designs focus on native and drought tolerant plants that will beautify your landscape without requiring extra resources, and that will also attract bird and insect life to your property. It is hard to compare the enjoyment, satisfaction, and true sense of connection that comes when birds, bees, and butterflies are active and thriving all around you.

How It Works:

The process starts with an analysis of the existing features and environmental conditions on your site, so that future interventions can be designed to work with the direction of what the landscape wants to be. We then start to develop design ideas that respond to what you’ve told us about your desires for the space, and through a back-and-forth iterative process where you get to give lots of feedback, we eventually arrive at a finished plan.

Every plan needs a base map to start with, and for flat lots of 1,500 square feet and smaller we can usually create one from measurements taken on site. For larger properties, and for properties with significant slope or other natural features, a professional site survey is necessary. We can let you know at the time of the initial site visit whether a survey will be needed.

What You Get:

Each design process is tailored to your specific needs, and could range from a masterplan similar to our Rural Landscapes offering to detailed hardscape and planting plans to be implemented by you or a landscape contractor. Items that may be part of your design package include:

Schematic Design and Hardscape package:

  • Hand-drawn graphic of preferred schematic design
  • 3D illustrations of built features such as trellises or decks that may be part of design
  • CAD plan with dimensions and materials descriptions for new paths, patios, walls, and other built features
  • Example images of selected paving and other hardscape materials

Planting Plan package:

  • CAD plan with location of all proposed plants
  • Images of selected plants and plant communities to help you interpret plans
  • Pant schedule listing each plant that needs to be purchased with notes on salient features, special care needs, bloom time, and recommended container size
  • Narrative description of design approach and any specific habitat features
  • Recommendations on plant and habitat-friendly maintenance techniques


$3,000 and up for planting or hardscape individually
$5,000-$15,000 for combination hardscape and planting