We have a new name! Caitilin Pope Daum Landscape Architect LLC is now Studio Wild Landscape Architecture LLC. This new name reflects our core commitment to designing a world in which human beings and wild systems can thrive side by side, and clarifies what has been true for a long time – that our work is accomplished through the talents and expertise of multiple designers.

Studio Wild Landscape Architecture



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People thrive when they feel connected
to their natural environment.

Landscape design that understands and
responds to local ecology and successfully
integrates people into the equation can
foster and deepen that connection to place.


We work with clients to realize their vision of an
outdoor space that’s beautiful, functional
and thoughtfully linked to its
surrounding ecosystems.

Whether that is a green roof planting for your
business, an edible landscape for your school,
or a peaceful backyard retreat for your home,
we can help you make the connection.

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Maintenance- Less is More
Studio Wild LA | 26, September

We are here to bring you some good news: ignore your landscape, and it will grow better and look better and be better for the environment. This is especially true of the low maintenance and habitat friendly type of landscapes that we like to design.  Of course, you still need to tend your landscape to a certain extent – make sure that plants have the water appropriate to their state of establishment, patrol for weeds a few times a year, and make sure there is a nice layer of mulch over sensitive plant roots. More detail on that below. Other

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High Performance Landscapes: Back to Nature
Studio Wild LA | 21, June

We’ve been giving a lot of thought recently to the subject of our rapidly changing climate and the related crisis of the 6th mass extinction. As the scale of the problem comes into focus, we recognize our profession is well positioned to step into a leadership role. The American Society of Landscape Architects recently held a summit to redefine our professional mission and published this statement: ‘Climate change, rapid urbanization, loss of species diversity, and inequity make the need for sustainable landscapes greater than ever.’ Everything changes, nothing changes That is not to say that the longstanding directives in landscape

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A Drought Tolerant Butterfly Garden for the Pacific Northwest
Studio Wild LA | 16, August

Two things that have been on our minds this August are drought and butterflies (and smoke and fires of course.) In my own garden, plants that have always seemed invincible are clearly showing the wear from this year’s high temperatures and lower than normal rainfall.  And then a recent radio clip caught our attention with its report that warmer weather is bringing more swallowtail butterflies to the Pacific Northwest, but that many other butterfly species are struggling because of widespread habitat loss. That got us thinking about how to provide for butterflies with water-wise plants. Why butterflies are in trouble

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